Karli Bjorgum

Karli Bjorgum

Karli Bjorgum, RN

Medical Surgical Float
St. James Healthcare
Butte, Montana
United States
She was simply excellent and it is always a great feeling that you can leave a loved one in the care of a great nurse!

Observing Karli take care of my oldest brother post operatively made my heart sing. There are days when I wonder if nursing will really feel as personal as it is supposed to feel for the patient and the family at the bedside. Karli restored my “faith” in healing at the bedside. She was professional in appearance and in conversation. She offered explanations for every task that she did in the room and she explained everything to my brother in a very compassionate and calming way. She made him feel like she was his only patient. She was never hurried in the room giving the patient the sense that he was really her only focus. I left my brother’s room each night knowing that he was in the best care he could possibly be in. Prior to his admission I had actually voiced that I would probably stay in his room to make sure that his needs were met.

Karlie’s caring spirit was exemplified with every smile and every kind gesture while in my brothers’ room. She was very confident in her care and that relieves the anxiety of the patient. Her attention to detail was impressive, putting PPE on to empty his foley catheter prior to assisting him out of bed, removing his SCD’s for his walk in the room, encouraging him to perform hand hygiene while she performed hand hygiene every time she came in to the room and in between tasks. She asked what he might need and anticipated his needs every time that she came into the room.

The foley did not have a cath secure so prior to getting him out of bed she quickly went out to the supply room and placed the cath secure, when there was evidence of a small amount of bleeding she quickly explained that it could have been due to some tugging/during previous transfers etc and assured him it would not happen with the cath secure in place. She explained to him that she would be taking his drains out in the morning before her shift ended. She was very attentive and “tuned in” to his every need.

She certainly demonstrated good humor because she put up with 25 family members during her shift and never made us feel like the overbearing group that we are! She was simply excellent and it is always a great feeling that you can leave a loved one in the care of a great nurse!