Karen Wallace

Karen Wallace, RN

Emergency Department
North Fulton Hospital
Roswell, Georgia
United States

A patient called to say she was in the ED twice within two days and had the good fortune to have Karen as her nurse. “Karen was perfect!” She was knowledgeable, efficient, kind, and explained things well. Karen gave timelines and great discharge instructions. She was emotionally supportive regarding my difficult diagnosis.” This patient often calls the department director to report on staff quality. This nurse was a “glowing” experience for the patient.

From the Director of Emergency and Trauma Services:
• Began career at NFH in NICU 2005 and had previous experience in NICU at other hospitals
• Transferred to ED June 2009. Never had any real contact with the adult patient prior to this.
• Studied incredibly hard at home to educate herself in the care of the adult patient (purchased books and journals and self-enrolled in online ED educational modules without prompting) and oriented in ED for four months
• Is now holding her TNCC and ATLS certifications (only EDRN with this extra certification) as well as the basic adult ACLS, BLS, PALS
• Continues to work PRN in NICU to help when they are short
• Is always on target with her patients, efficient, caring, pleasant, calm at all times. Takes the most critical patient and is still able to float to help others in their assignments. Patients love her.
• Have never had an issue with patient care, even though new to adult nursing
• Is now a preceptor for the ED and is willing to do relief charge, although has not been oriented to the role yet.
• Excellent evaluation. Peers mention her as someone they look forward to working with. Team player
• Physicians value her accurate assessment skills as she will note changes in condition and pick up on issues with new arrivals that need immediate attention