Karen "Libby" Anderson

Libby Anderson

Karen "Libby" Anderson, RN

Critical care Unit
Bon Secours Memorial Regional Medical Center
Mechanicsville, Virginia
United States

As an experienced cardiac nurse, Libby has been instrumental in patiently orienting me to cardiac surgery. She is an expert and very effective teacher. She demonstrates teamwork and superior communication skills to help me educate patients and family members. Libby has often volunteered to come in extra just to train and orientate nurses to cardiac surgery. She is instrumental in the development and growth of our cardiac surgery program.

Libby's diligence in educating patients and staff has resulted in improved outcomes for our cardiac patients. I have seen her calm an anxious patient to allow removal of the ventilator that is vital to long term success. Libbie is a sought after resource in cardiac surgery as she mentors and trains staff. She is well respected by physicians and other nurses. She contributes to the growth of the nurses’ skillsets and the program by being flexible and knowledgeable. Libby deserves a thousand DAISY Awards for all the excellent work she does.