Karen Jackson

Karen Jackson, RN

4E (Rehab)
St. Joseph Mercy Oakland (MI)
Pontiac, Michigan
United States

I would like to nominate Karen Jackson, RN from 4 East (Rehabilitation) as a deserving recipient of the DAISY Award. This registered nurse should receive the award for her clinical skills, compassionate care, exemplary service and for her continued commitment to excellence.

The following are specific examples of the nominees’ extraordinary commitment to patient-centered care:

Karen is a dedicated and compassionate RN.

As one of her patients was actively dying, she volunteered to stay after her shift. Karen had built a good working relationship with and the patient and the family. Staying after the shift allow for continuity of care for the patient and the family. The family did not have to be interrupted with meeting and getting acquainted with a new RN and the night shift could focus on the other patients on the unit.

Karen has always been a great team player.

She is always ready and willing to help a fellow employee or patient when needed.

Nominated by: Janet Muir RN