Karen Coulson

Karen Coulson, RN, BSN

Memorial Hermann Greater Heights Hospital
Houston, Texas
United States

...I want to express the care and kindness I received while staying at the hospital. I was a patient on 6 North (622) and I would like for management to know of the excellent care Karen Coulson provided. I came in with a clot in my leg, and found myself in the hospital for the first time, so I was anxious of what to expect. The pain I experienced was worse than the birth of my 3 children. Karen brought my pain relief without me having to ask, and every time she gave me medication, she explained how I may feel and what to expect as a side effect. She was always in my room checking on me to make sure I was comfortable and to ask if I needed anything.

I had Karen for 3 days in a row, then she was off for 2 days. When she returned, I could not help but break down as I expressed how much I missed her, as she was the only one that had stayed on top of my pain. When Karen returned, the first thing she asked me was how I was feeling and how the pain in my leg was. I was so emotional that I had to tell her that she was the only one to ask, no one offered any pain relief and when I did ask they told me they will be right back and never returned. She asked me if I had a bowel movement because I was taking the pain medication that could stop me from going. When Karen said that, I realized that I had not gone to the bathroom since the day I had arrived in the hospital (Day 5). So first thing she brought me a syrupy liquid to drink, and her care was so great that she told the night nurse that if I did not go to the bathroom within so many hours to give me more medication, as not having a bowel movement could delay me going home, it just seems as though Karen thought of everything, before being asked. I told her she was my favorite and I wanted Memorial Hermann to know just how great she is too.

As I began to feel better, Karen made sure I understood the implications of not taking my medications on discharge. I know I was not her only patient, but she made me feel as though I was with her personal attention to me. Before discharge, I needed to learn how to give myself a shot in my stomach, with Karen, teaching, patience and coaxing, I finally got it and I know I can do it by myself.

Thank you Memorial Hermann Greater Heights Hospital for the wonderful staff you have and the care I received. Karen Coulson is the greatest!