Karen Burrows

Karen Burrows, RN, Lead Preceptor

6 Center
St. John Macomb-Oakland Hospital
Madison Heights, Michigan
United States

At Macomb Center, Karen Burrows, RN/Lead Preceptor on 6 Center, was honored by one of her patients, who shared, “I just had an 11 day hospital stay on 6 Center. I was as close to dying as I could get. Everyone on that floor was wonderful. All my nurses and their aides were wonderful: Nurses Marcy, Shini, and Karen Burrows. All of their aides, Lisa, Ariel, Kim, and LPN Matt were also wonderful. But one nurse went above and beyond the call. Karen Burrows made sure I was not moved to another ward. She told my doctor that constant care was best and they were just making headway with my case. I lost three people in my life during that stay. She sat with me, held my hand, let me cry and helped me get through that lost feeling. Even when she had different rooms, she came to check on me. When she came through the door with that great smile and perky “good morning”, I knew I was in good hands. She treated me like I was her family. I could see genuine care in her eyes. The day I got sent home, she stood up and hugged me. And she had tears in her eyes. She said, I’m so glad you’re going home today. Not that we won’t miss you, but we know we helped and that’s what matters.” So I would like to nominate my nurse for going above the call of duty. Please give her special thanks from me and my family.”