Karen Bronze

Karen Bronze, RN, BSN, CPN, CS

Phoenix Children's Hospital
Phoenix, Arizona
United States

I nominate Karen for the DAISY Award because she is a phenomenal nurse! From day one, she made my daughter's stay in the hospital as comfortable as possible. She even went above and beyond and personalized her room with superman pictures which my daughter loved! It brightened up her room and lifted her low spirit (since she came in very sick). Karen made the process of recovery and healing much easier. One particular afternoon, my daughter was having a very difficult time taking in and accepting her diagnosis, feeling physically weak, and everything she was going through. Karen had a heart to heart talk with her and helped her through a very difficult moment. Karen made such a positive impact on our family and we will be forever grateful. We need more wonderful nurses like Karen who see past the "patient" to the heart of the person that has a family, hobbies, likes, and a life. Thank you, Karen, for everything! This is not just a job for you, but you have truly found your calling and we were very blessed to have you as our daughter's nurse during her stay at PCH. With much love, A grateful mom


I nominate Karen for the DAISY Award for many reasons! Like any other patient, my first week being admitted into the hospital was the hardest and most challenging. During that trying time, Karen went out of her way and above and beyond to make each day easier. Never having been hospitalized, I had no idea what to expect or that a nurse could have such a strong impact on me as a patient. On one of my sickest days, Karen found out about my love for superman and completely personalized my room along with a pot of flowers that accompanied me until the day of my discharge. On another one of my hardest days, Karen took me aside and managed to console me with what I believe is a gift more than a profession: being a part time social worker. Thank you so much, Karen, for being more than a nurse, but a good friend.