Karen Backus

Karen Backus, RN, BSN

Pediatric ICU
Cook Children's Medical Center
Fort Worth, Texas
United States

Karen exemplifies the heart of what nursing is about. She is compassionate and empathetic to her patients and their families, no matter the situation. She is always at the bedside being very attentive to the needs of the patients and their families. She takes the time to explain to the family what is happening, so they are completely up to date on what is happening with their child. She goes the extra mile day in and day out. She is an advocate for her patients and will speak up when she does not agree with the plan, or feels that something needs to be changed. Karen is a role model to other staff and is always willing to help or teach. She strives to give the best care to every child, and fulfills the mission and vision of Cook Children's inside and outside of the walls.