Kara Costello

Kara Costello, RN

Good Samaritan Hospital - Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio
United States

Kara Costello provided some of the most patient-centric, compassionate, and friendly care we have ever observed. She arrived the morning after my wife's C-section when she was improving but still in rough shape. She immediately assessed the situation and set about making her comfortable.

One of the first things Kara told my wife was that everything would be ok. We learned that simple promise had less to do with my wife's health and more to do with her peace of mind. Waking up intubated after a scary night was very disorienting and upsetting for my wife, but Kara's constant bedside presence helped to calm and comfort her. When Kara saw that the tube was making my wife anxious, she advocated for meds to help her relax. When my wife became more alert and aware, Kara brought her a pen and paper so she could communicate more effectively and improve her care.

Perhaps the most memorable moment of our time in the ICU was when Kara helped arrange transport for my wife up to the NICU for our son's baptism. Despite the obvious logistical constraints and the additional effort required, Kara helped make this very personal and very meaningful occasion possible. Moving patients from floor to floor may be a common occurrence for ICU nurses. But for us, Kara's effort to arrange our trip to the NICU that day was uncommonly kind. She treated both my wife and the Sacrament with dignity and respect and allowed us to fully appreciate a very special moment in the life of our young family.

A DAISY for Kara would recognize her patient, compassionate, and heartfelt care in a way our simple thanks cannot. She is a model of bedside manner and an exemplar of patient-focused care.