Kaj Brown
April 2015
Hendricks Regional Health
United States




Kaj Brown is certified in the specialty areas of GI and Oncology nursing. Patients frequently comment on her friendliness and sense of humor. Kaj uses humor with patients to make them feel at ease during their time in our department. Kaj was a podium and poster presenter at the 2014 national GI nursing annual conference. The first thing she did when I told her I was scared about my tests was to give me a hug. Then she sat by me on the bed and explained everything they were going to do, because I had never been in the hospital for anything other than having my kids, so I didn't know what to expect. She was so kind and compassionate to my husband and me. She truly helped relieve my anxiety and worry, and she made sure I was comfortable while I was in her care. Kaj was my patient advocate prior to my endoscopy. She really listened to my concerns about the anesthetic. She was kind enough to stick up for me and ask the Doctor if I could do it without. He agreed and the procedure was a wonderful experience. I truly believe Kaj made a difference in my day and the next day as well. Thank you!