Kacie Tietz

Kacie Tietz, RN

Medical/Surgical, Stafford Hospital
Stafford Hospital
Stafford, Virginia
United States

Kacie was assigned as my husband's night nurse. He entered Stafford Hospital on Saturday, October 5, 2013 complaining of abdominal pain. On Sunday, October 6, 2013 Dr. Baldwin-Young did surgery for a ruptured appendix. I wanted to take the time to recognize Kacie for the excellent care she extended to my husband as well as the empathy and compassion she showed my husband and me.

My husband is allergic to a drug called Ativan. It makes him verbally agressive, mean, and ill tempered. The issue of the Ativan was a challenge in itself, but while we were attempting to resolve the issue and get it out of his system Kacie was nothing less than understanding. Medically, she gave him excellent care but rivaled his challenging and less than kind attitude with her own loving, kind, and caring attitude.

Kacie recognized that he was not in his normal state of mind, over looked it and rose to the challenge. She was knowledgeable, understanding, and respectful yet she was firm. She was very attentive to his every need and his state of mind. She took the time to explain every medication dispensed and/or procedure. As importantly, she was never to busy to listen and answer questions.

Kacie far exceed my expectations as my husband's assigned nurse by: providing excellent care for a patient who is less than ideal; by recognizing he was emotionally and psychologically challenged under the influence of the "Ativan" and equaling that challenge by meeting it head on. She extended him every courtesy, treating him with the utmost respect and dignity. Equally as important when her shift ended, she did not leave before she came in the room to advise us she was leaving telling us how nice it was to have met us and wish my husband well.

Kacie is a shining example of what every nurse should be or possess, compassion, and empathy. She cares about the patient, but the family as well. Thank you Kacie for a memorable experience.