Justina Anaele

Justina Anaele

Justina Anaele, RN

Advocate Trinity Hospital
Chicago, Illinois
United States

Nurse Justina, my guardian angel. She was very professional in helping me to make the decision to have surgery that saved my life and I am very grateful that she was around when I was confused. Last March I met my guardian angel, nurse Justina. She is one of the reasons that I am alive today.

With a big smile on her face, soft voice like the angel that she is, she was able to help me pass my fear with her pep talk and as such I was able to make the best decision in regards to the surgery that I have previously refused to do.

I walked away from the hospital sometime in November 2013 and came back in 2014 still refusing to do the surgery because I felt that nobody was listening to me until I saw nurse Justina who was patient with me, compassionate and ready to hear me verbalize my fears and concerns to her. She was able to help me overcome my fears, anxiety and concerns. She took her time to explain the procedure to me and the effects of not doing the surgery. She also calmed me down by telling me more about the surgeon; Dr. Aglipay is one of the best surgeons. Justina called him and I talked to him apologized for refusing him initially. Within few minutes, Dr. Aglipay came in and spoke with me and repeated the importance of my having this surgery, just like nurse Justina told me.

In less than an hour, a transporter came in my room to take me for the surgery. Nurse Justina always came to see me in 3-South, calls to check on how I am doing during her off days. I am really proud and excited that Trinity Hospital has somebody that helped save me life. I thank God for her.