Justin Baer

Justin Baer, RN, BSN

Emergency Services
UPMC Northwest
Seneca, Pennsylvania
United States

Our department took a hit in the last year or so with staffing issues. We had some retire, some finished their advanced degrees and accepted new positions, and others left for various other reasons. Justin Baer was the ray of sunshine that we needed when it seemed like there was nothing but a huge, gray cloud over us. He is a blessing in the department.

We deal with changing conditions constantly in our department.  Justin exhibits such flexibility, whether it is a schedule change or adding another patient to his assignment.  He adapts to these ever-changing conditions like he has been with our department for a long time. The truth of the matter is that he has only been with us about four months.  I still find it hard to believe that he came to us with no departmental experience but from a rehab-like setting.

Justin is reliable. You can count on him to get his work done in a timely fashion He goes above and beyond to help others complete their work as well.  He fully engages with the rest of the department and doesn’t sit back while others are busy. He takes the initiative and volunteers for assignments.

He cares about his work, our team, and our team’s work.  He treats patients, patient’s families, and fellow co-workers with courtesy and consideration – not just some of the time, but consistently. He looks beyond his own work and cares about the work of the department.  Justin is a Team Player!