Junelle Anderson

Junelle Anderson, RN

Clark Regional Medical Center
Winchester, Kentucky
United States

Junelle was a total blessing to my mom and family. There wasn't a specific time that she was outstanding, it was EVERY TIME she walked into the room! We never had a worry or concern about mom's care while she was her nurse. Junelle is an amazing nurse.


Junelle shows exceptional skill and attention to details. My wife was in CRMC ICU for several days and worked tirelessly to provide a level of care that I would call second to none! Her attentiveness aided in identifying the proper opportunity removed the ventilator which was difficult due to the patient anxiety one of the most caring and professional staff, I have seen in any health facility.


Second visit to the ICU unit in 9 months, this visit not near as critical as first visit. However received the same caring professional service. Junelle is a great example of what a nurse should be. Always very nice and helpful to my family. Could not be more pleased with the care received by all of ICU staff.


A phone call was received by a patient's family member to personally thank Junelle and the ICU team for the great care his wife received during her hospital stay, in which she passed away. He wanted to send his appreciation to Junelle for visiting the family during the funeral. He said that it spoke volumes to the family. He wanted to make sure that the hospital understood how much it meant that she came to pay her respects.