Juliet Beniga

Juliet Beniga

Juliet Beniga, RN, BSN, CCRN, CNRN

Neuro ICU
The Queen's Medical Center
Honolulu, Hawaii
United States

Juliet Beniga is a light to this unit. Her love for God manifests through her acts of love, patience and kindness.

We had a spinal cord injury patient who could move their arms but had no fine motor movement. This patient was a paraplegic and was frustrated with his situation. Juliet felt compassion and created a device to help him eat independently without needing to use his fingers. It was a significant milestone for the patient because he didn't want to depend on anyone for life.

Her patient later came back in a wheelchair, he didn't remember her name but he remembered what she did for her. He never forgot what that moment of independence did for his life.