Julie Stachowiak

Julie Stachowiak

Julie Stachowiak, RN

Emergency Department
Mercy Health - St. Charles Hospital
Oregon, Ohio
United States
Julie does things without missing a beat, she's selfless in her actions.

I truly love the ED. I truly enjoy meeting my new co-workers and building new bonds. I have been so overwhelmed with all of the love, help and encouragement from everyone. I'm almost shocked that we are such a team oriented unit. It's amazing. I want to point something out to you. I have felt so overwhelmed as a new nurse when I first started my career. I felt that I had no help and there was no one there to listen. Applying for this position has been the best decision I have made in my short nursing career. I was nervous to train with Julie. We're both new RN's and that scared me. However, it has been the best experience I have received in my little experience as an RN.

She is truly an inspiration and I admire her.

With the traumas we had today. She was so involved, not only task wise, but emotionally. She asked the patient if I could come in and assess him due to his injuries and the visibility of them, she explained that I was a new RN on the unit. He was more than welcoming.

Dietary sent a tray that sat on the ledge for hours. When this gentleman had the opportunity to eat she was so upset that this tray was his dinner. She took it upon herself to go and purchase him a hot meal and all of the toppings to go along with it.

He didn't know she did. She just did it. She does things without missing a beat, she's selfless in her actions.

I have observed her in action on numerous occasions and each time I felt as though, this is the type of nurse I want to be. This is the way nursing should be. Today had such an impact and I am truly grateful to say that she has been my mentor/preceptor.