Julie Rande

Julie Rande

Julie Rande, RN

St Joseph Mercy Oakland (MI)
Pontiac, Michigan
United States
Julie was there when we needed her.

I wanted to give you feedback regarding my daughter's month-long stay in the antenatal unit recently. A had a premature rupture of membranes at 31 weeks and she was admitted to the antenatal unit to try to get to at least 34 weeks. They were successful and she was scheduled to deliver by C-section. We were ready for that to happen but still concerned for the size and maturity of the baby. The day before the scheduled C-section, her nurse Julie Rande, was seeing some changes in the heart rhythm and was watching her like a hawk but trying to keep her as calm as possible. I know she was communicating with the on-call OB very frequently. Dr. K came and was sitting at the bedside and the decision was made to deliver that day, later in the afternoon. As they were talking, a change occurred and the baby's rhythm changed. A was taken for an emergency section as the baby's heart tones were dropping fast. I have seen a lot of great teamwork but none better than on that day. My granddaughter was born in minutes and weighed in at 5lbs. 5oz. and she came out screaming. They were able to be discharged just days after.

We would like to recognize Julie Rande for making the difference in our precious baby's life. Everyone was wonderful but Julie was there when we needed her. Thank you for providing such a wonderful outcome for our family.


Julie was very receptive to my personal wishes and wants and paid attention to my care as an individual; not just a set of orders written by a bunch of doctors. She knew I did not want an IV until I needed one and that I did not want to be over-monitored and she was very good at balancing what needed to be done and what I felt comfortable with. Julie was in constant communication with the doctors along with many other nurses and nurse practitioners throughout the morning, making sure that no information slipped through the cracks. She did a phenomenal job and I am so thankful she was there to help save my baby's life. I would also like to say that all of the nurses on that floor were exceptional. They really made me feel right at home for the 24 days I spent on the unit. I am very appreciative for all of their knowledge and care. They were an incredible group of women. Thank you for all of your help!