Julie Gamez

Julie Gamez, RN

Family Medicine, San Dimas
Kaiser Permanente Ambulatory Care Baldwin Park Medical Center
Baldwin Park, California
United States

Julie has been the Complete Care RN lead at San Dimas since last 2011. She has demonstrated leadership in this role as well as a high level of accountability by putting together PowerPoint's by gathering information from the staff at San Dimas to show how we thrive.

She has demonstrated leadership, initiative and creativity by assembling small manageable packets for all of our nursing staff to facilitate their understanding of direct booking for education classes and better support our member in attending their so much needed classes.

She has begun doing rounds with the nursing staff to share information with them to improve our complete care goals and at the same time opening up the communication channels and establishing a positive and supportive relation with the nursing staff in all the modules. The nursing staff have received this very well, and take advantage of this time wisely.

Julie has also been a strong supportive partner to our Complete Care Champion Dr.G. San Dimas has made great improvements and maintained our clinical strategic goals with their leadership. Kudos to Julie for her caring, compassionate work with our staff and our members.