Julie Elliott

Julie Elliott

Julie Elliott, RN, ARNP

Winter Haven Hospital and Winter Haven Women's Hospital
Winter Haven, Florida
United States

Julie shows extreme care for our patient’s surgeries. She always goes the extra step to comfort our patients and is always willing to aid and comfort the family members as well as the patient. We always receive positive and glowing comments from our returning patients in clinic. She also lends a hand at every opportunity and stays late after her shift to ensure we have all our patients taken care of.

She was very helpful with the M family. Mr M was a patient of ours, who recently passed away. He was suffering from many co-morbidities and Julie assisted not only the patient but the family during this stressful time by coordinating between several departments and physicians to make sure that Mr M’s care continued without deviation. She lent her compassion to the family and the patient to make sure Mr M’s comfort and care was upheld by the Magnet standards.

Her attention to detail for the patient and family allowed both to not worry about the administrative and financial hiccups that sometime can occur during a long stay her at the hospital. The family was extremely appreciative.