Julie Allgood

Julie Allgood, RN, OCN

Outpatient Infusion Center
Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
United States
Julie, you are one of a kind and the best one of a kind I know.

Good Morning, it's the old one writing a debt of honor and gratitude to a nurse who I had at the beginning of this infusion run. Mrs. Julie, I just want to say that you are a great nurse and super listener to all my crazy talk and you give advice to me like my mom would have given me. The same way and the same words. All that we talk about is what I need to hear and the way I need to hear it. Thank you for that. I bought you a special little token wrapped up for you as a way of thanks for all you do. I really am out of words to say but you are one of a kind and the best one of a kind I know. When I say I want it all at one time you say ok. When I say I want it "IV Push" (learned that nurse talk) you say ok. But when I say I need something else that you know isn't right you say hold on here buddy, you may want to try this another way, and I love it cause it works. Mrs. Julie, you are truly the best at what you do and I just wanted to say thanks from my heart and if I get out of bounds just come over there and give it to me straight!