Julia Mashburn

Julia Mashburn

Julia Mashburn, RN

Women's Surgery
Norton Women's & Children's Hospital
Louisville, Kentucky
United States
Julia is an angel that walks among the human race.

Julia was my nurse when I was a patient back in September 2016.  I had the same procedure done this hospital stay to remove my one remaining ovary.  I had a kidney transplant in October of 2000.  During this time as an inpatient, I was able to talk to Julia more about the autoimmune disease that caused me to go into ESRD.  She had never heard of MPGN Type 2 and it was my pleasure to have some time to talk to her about what I've gone through.  She is an amazing nurse, woman, soon to be a mother, and compassionate human being that I have ever encountered in the healthcare setting.  She remembered me from when I was under her care last time I was here.  Not many nurses take the time or care to remember past patients.  Julia is a special soul and nursing is her calling. 

Julia goes above and beyond what is asked or expected.  It is obvious that she sees her patients as people not just patients.  She listens and does anything she can to help her patients whether it be a listening ear, to contact a doctor, whatever the situation calls for she is always putting the patient and their needs first.  She is a naturally cheerful woman and always smiling.  That means so much to us who are in pain, scared, waiting for test results, and down.  Take my issues for example.  I will be 34 soon and after this last surgery, there is no possible way for me to ever have another child.  In talking to Julia, she had nothing but positive feedback reminding me that I need to be healthy for the child I do have.  She reminded me that I wouldn't want my daughter growing up without me, as I lost my own mother at a young age.  She also talked with me and helped me remember there are alternatives to having your own child.  Thousands of children become parentless every day.  I can always adopt and give a child a loving home and family that they deserve.  Julia Mashburn is not just a nurse.  She is an angel that walks among the human race.  I personally feel blessed to have her as my nurse not once but more than twice in my two hospital stays.  She is and will forever be in my heart.           

Note: This is Julia's 2nd DAISY Award!