Julia Henry

Julia Henry, RN

Hixson ED
CHI Memorial Glenwood
Chattanooga, Tennessee
United States

Julia Henry is a newer nurse to the Hixson ED and has already started to pursue an advanced nursing degree at Southern Adventist University. She is not only an incredible student… at the bedside, “she just gets it”, as one of the charge nurses has stated.
Julia is a breath of fresh air; like most of us used to be! She never ever complains and always has a smile on her face. She is constantly moving; asking her patients if they need anything, changing beds, taking patients to the bathroom- whatever is needed. She truly makes the patient her focus for the shift. She is careful and respectful of her patients’ needs and requests; never wanting to hurt feelings or embarrass anyone. (In the ED, it can be very difficult to have patience and compassion with some of our patients!)
When Julia leaves for the day, she goes home to take care of her mother, aunt, and now father-in-law (who just unexpectedly lost his wife)… all elderly and with their own needs. How Julia does all of this and has such an awesome attitude, we just can’t figure out! Many of us would have just thrown in the towel. When asked, Julia simply states “I just pray, when nothing else works…prayer does”. She is always so appreciative of everything. Her dedication is such that she even tried to cover her own shifts when she needed to be off for a funeral. Wow! If all were as mindful as Julia. She truly exemplifies what compassion is in her daily life and in her patient care. How we should all consider her example!