Julia Anne Suico

Julia Anne Suico

Julia Anne Suico, RN

Medical Oncology
Overlake Medical Center
Bellevue, Washington
United States
Julia is in her element, using her knowledge, gifts and kind heart.

My mother-in-law fell and broke her hip and was admitted for surgery. 90 years old, highly anxious, never been hospitalized, 1st surgery!  Julia was so kind and caring. Talking gently to E as she efficiently admitted and assessed her.  She was patient and really tuned into how whatever needed doing might cause pain or exacerbate pain.  She explained all ahead of time and in her soothing manner, she helped E turn, reposition and calm down.  At the same time, Julia also talked reassuringly to us family, keeping us updated on the care plan. Julia worked with E, questioning her to assess true pain level vs. anxiety induced and medicated her appropriately.

It was a busy evening, yet Julia never acted rushed, just efficient, thorough and very sweet.  We could tell she was well liked by other staff while they worked together, smiling, joking, communicating.

Julia shared she loved being a nurse.  Wow, could you tell!  She is in her element, using her knowledge, gifts and kind heart.  She represents Overlake and Nursing very well!  A keeper for sure.