Juanita McGhee

Juanita McGhee, RN

Cardiac PCU Unit
Holmes Regional Medical Center

Juanita McGhee is a great nurse and a wonderful person. What she did this week says it all.

Juanita was assigned to a patient who was “in-patient hospice”. In general if someone is inpatient hospice they are expected to live 3 days or less. By the 3rd day the patient’s family, who was here from out of town, was exhausted. They sat at the bedside for hours waiting for their love one to die, so they could fly him back to Penn. Everyday the family said good bye, possibly for the last time. Every night his wife and sons called to check in. On the 5th day with no family around Juanita gave report to the day nurse, clocked out and then on her own time sat in the room with this dying man. Even though he was not conscious he was not alone.

Juanita is a very caring nurse; she’s a role model to all and deserves the DAISY Award.