Joyce Djurdjevic

Joyce Djurdjevic, RN, BSN

MacNeal Hospital
Berwyn, Illinois
United States

... Just a quick note to say thank you (Joyce) for all the care you've given me these past few days. You are a true joy to be around and it's my prayer that you are appreciated in all you do. I couldn't have asked for anything more in a nurse. You were a pleasure every single day you had me as your patient. I commend the way you heard my issues, listened to my concerns and then follow up with a response. You didn't interrupt or make me feel insignificant. You showed genuine emotion and feeling which in return made me a calmer, happier, and overall very satisfied patient.

My experience here at the hospital was so much better because of you, Joyce. I really was in a lot of discomfort and your warmth made a world of difference. You went out of you way, whether for a 7up, ice, or to answer a question. Please know your prompt attention and caring manner made a positive impact on my physically and emotionally. Thank you for everything!