Joyce Brown

Joyce Brown

Joyce Brown, RN

Baptist Health Corbin
Corbin, Kentucky
United States

It is impossible to summarize in a few words what the kind of Nurse Joyce is to our Oncology patients and their families! She has truly devoted herself to caring for our patients. With Oncology patients, I can only imagine when prognosis is given, how hard that is for the patient and family. I have witnessed and heard how our patients and their families were, Joyce has made their journey a little easier.

Joyce is always able to communicate effectively with our patients and their family. She is able to help tear down barriers that patients may build because of being scared. Joyce always goes way above and beyond to show compassion. Her leadership, knowledge and compassion have helped and impacted SO many. We are extremely blessed to have her at BHC for our patients! Joyce is an extraordinary nurse and I am honored to have gotten to work with her. Every Year for Joyce's birthday the family of a young lady that passed away a few years ago from cancer sends her flowers to remind her just how much they appreciate all she did their daughter.

She gives patients her personal cell phone number and access essentially 24/7. There was another patient who had a hard time getting through chemotherapy and on the day of the patient's last treatment, Joyce went out and bought her pink balloons and a cake to celebrate. There was another patient who was recently diagnosed who was having a difficult time dealing with the diagnosis. In the midst of it all Joyce found out that the patient's electricity had been turned off. Joyce took it upon herself to call the patient's church and was able to work out that the electric bill was paid and also for a month in advance.