Joy Hillman

Joy Hillman

Joy Hillman, RN

Winter Haven Hospital and Winter Haven Women's Hospital
Winter Haven, Florida
United States

On 3-9-12, a precious baby girl was born that was not every mother's dream. The baby was born with a condition that was not viable with life. Joy came in on her day off to care for the baby and offer comfort to the parents and the family. Joy has an amazing touch when dealing with bereavement.

The baby was born with defects that were very upsetting to the family. Joy dressed the baby in the special outfit mom had brought from home, hiding the defects. She demonstrated extraordinary compassion and caring as she wrapped the baby in the elegant blanket and placed her in the father's arms. Joy stayed very close offering comforting words, answering questions and taking pictures. When the siblings arrived, Joy made a point to know their names and allow them to help care for their baby sister as she slowly passed away.

Joy also saw that the memorabilia box for the baby was completed. Joy's loving kindness, soft words, and shared tears helped ease the emotional pain of this mother and the family.