Joy Grandison

Joy Grandison

Joy Grandison, RN

Kaiser Permanente Walnut Creek Medical Center
Walnut Creek, California
United States

My wife and I recently had twins that were both admitted to the NICU unit. I am writing to say how exceptional the staff of the NICU ward was but most importantly to nominate Joy Grandison for the DAISY Award. Throughout our time there, we went through a range of emotions from the situation and what we were being told, but every time we misinterpreted, Joy was there to help explain in a way that helped us understand the situation as well as help our emotions to stay under control. She showed us that she genuinely cared, as if she were a close friend. We always knew that if we needed help understanding, that even if she wasn't caring for our kid that day, she was available to help and even in time, was our advocate.

Throughout our time in the NICU, she did care for our kids on many occasions and show many great nursing skills as well as care for our children. We felt very safe and relieved knowing Joy was caring for them. I often told my wife and my friends that I was amazed at how she made us feel like our kids were hers. She always showed genuine care for them and even would come over and check on them when she was watching other children. My daughter's name is Patience and one night, when Joy was home, she got Chinese food and in her fortune cookie was a fortune that read "Patience is the remedy for any trouble." She took this and taped it to our daughter's incubator. I was so amazed at the care that she felt went beyond the Kaiser building she worked in. She even thought of our kids at home.

If Joy was not there for our adventure, we would have had a much harder experience. We are so grateful for her and hope this letter helps you know just how amazing and deserving Joy is of this award.