Joy Brown

Joy Brown, RN

7 North, CHI Memorial Glenwood
CHI Memorial Glenwood
Chattanooga, Tennessee
United States

Our unit is blessed to have an Angel among us. Joy Brown is one of the most compassionate, loving and caring people we have ever known. She has been nominated many times for the DAISY Award and is rightfully deserving of this recognition and more. When you look into her eyes you see the light of the Lord shining upon you. Her gentle touch, soft spoken words and thoughtful actions are truly heavenly.

Not too long ago we had a young male patient who was extremely sick. He was ready to give up and did not want to live in the pain of his current situation. He was in a terrible car wreck which led to many complications. He had multiple abdominal procedures including placement and takedown of an ostomy. He was miserable and all his wife could do was watch him suffer and try to comfort him. She herself had been through recent trials and tribulations. She had lost her mother very shortly prior to the patient's admission. As the wife talked to Joy and asked for her opinion on what she would do in this situation, Joy began to tell her of her own difficult situation. Joy had lost her husband suddenly while he was out of the country on a mission trip. She had just started back at work and was placed by God at the bedside of this sick man and his emotional wife. The only thing they could both do after sharing their thoughts and feelings with each other was to sit and cry together. Joy asked if she could pray with them and they happily welcomed her to. The patient's wife was so moved by Joy sharing her personal experiences and genuine thoughts and feelings that she wrote a beautiful letter to her. We tried to get our hands on this letter without letting her know why but we were unsuccessful, so this nomination is from our memory of what the family and Joy shared with us.

There are many more stories of Joy's loving, compassionate spirit to fill a novel but there is one more we would like to share with you. A co-worker shared a particular experience of hers with Joy in which they were taking care of a 'pleasantly confused' patient. Joy got the patient all tucked in and warm, looked down at her and stated "I love you." This was a genuine Christian love that came from her heart. The co-worker was so touched by Joy's love and compassion for this patient, whom she had only just met, that she knew in her heart Joy was the type of nurse that she wanted to be. Joy's love and affection spreads like wildfire and she doesn't even realize how much she impacts us because that's just who she is. There is a grace about her that shines and exemplifies her faith and love of people.

Just to name a few of the many wonderful characteristics of Joy, co-workers describe her as: Christian, compassionate, loving, caring, passionate caregiver and Angel. She gives us faith and hope that we can overcome even the toughest of times and come out stronger. Just her presence alone brings a love and calmness to the unit.