Joy Argarin

Joy Argarin

Joy Argarin, RN, BSN

Observation Unit
Mercy Gilbert Medical Center
Gilbert, Arizona
United States
Joy is completely comfortable in her own skin, confident in her own skillset, and does not attempt to function or answer questions beyond her scope.

Joy Blessed me and my family. She is a professional nurse who always made me feel like I was her only patient. If something came up during services or conversation that was more important at that time, she would say, "I'll be right back." Amazingly enough, she always held true to her word and returned.

It is very apparent Joy values all people, but her ability to successfully multi-task between patients is awesome. My IV's kept failing, she arrived to reinsert, and the last chance was miraculously successful.

Joy interacted with friends and family in a caring, knowledgeable and professional way, her turnover with her peers at shift change was always clear and detailed, and most of all, she was always clear with us, sometimes going through lengthy explanations – she would not leave until she knew we understood.

In short, Joy was a Blessing and made a lengthy stay tolerable. Please consider yourself also Blessed to have her on your hospital staff, she most definitely represents the faith-based values that attract us to Mercy Gilbert in the first place. When I see Humankindness, I think of her. Thank you, Joy!


My mother was hospitalized and had Joy as her nurse. Joy demonstrates complete, holistic care for her patients. She is calm and collected while managing the demands of multiple patients. She listens and answers questions honestly, but if another patient is calling, she is not afraid to excuse herself and return later to follow up on the issue she had to briefly leave.

She is down to earth and does not get rattled or intimidated by knowledgeable healthcare family members. She is completely comfortable in her own skin, confident in her own skillset, and does not attempt to function or answer questions beyond her scope.

After my, mother had been hospitalized a few days, her IV site went bad. They were having trouble placing a new IV. The night charge nurse stated a nurse was coming on day shift that is very good at IV's and could try. None of us were surprised when Joy walked in. Though she missed her first attempt, she did not get rattled at all. She calmly and confidently tried again and got it! My mother stated she knew it would be Joy that would be in. She said she knew it was going to be a good day when Joy was her nurse again.

She ended up having to go to surgery that evening, but Joy's calm, peacefully strong demeanor helped my mother to mentally prepare for her surgery. She provides top-notch care – exemplifies patience, love, compassion, respect and human dignity on which Dignity Health is founded upon. She reflects positively on your hospital. She was a true blessing in the midst of a crisis, and she will always hold a very special place in our hearts. With our sincerest thanks to Joy.