Jovan Trimceski

Jovan Trimceski

Jovan Trimceski, RN

Surgical ICU
Henry Ford Macomb Hospitals
Clinton Township, Michigan
United States
I felt very comforted and safe with Jovan.

There are people who go to work just to pay bills and others because they think that’s what they are supposed to do.  Then there are people who go to work to make a difference, Jovan falls into this category.  From the first time he took care of me, he took time to know me, what I liked and didn’t like.  He was so kind and caring not only to me but to my entire family.  He even showed me a picture of Octavius, his white standard poodle, to make me smile.  He made sure I was always comfortable and was very courteous, friendly and caring.  He took his time with me and answered my questions.  I felt very comforted and safe with him.

Jovan is my hero.  So nice to look forward to seeing his wonderful smile.  I had open heart surgery which was rough, and he made it better and you cannot say that about just anyone.  He went the extra mile each day, and I appreciated that.  I was never scared with him around, even when different things were happening to me as part of my recovery.

Thank you, Jovan, for being an extraordinary nurse!