Jossette Kelly

Jossette Kelly

Jossette Kelly, RN

Florida Hospital Celebration Health
Celebration, Florida
United States

1) I am a French speaking person, therefore my English is not that good but I will try. When I was told that I was staying in the hospital, I was disappointed. But to have a welcome like I did from Nurse Jossette, helped me and reassured me. My husband and I could not believe how dedicated she was and also very knowledgeable. I felt so at home with her that I am sure that she had great deal to do for my recovery. What a gift to this hospital. Now my worry was that she was not working here the next day. But I met so many super staff. Their welcome, their patience, their (disponibilite) sorry I don't know the English word.

2) I would like to thank nurse Jossette for being kind, professional and mostly considerate to All my needs

3) My nurse was the best. She informed me on everything, kept me aware of my status, and went above and beyond her duties as a nurse. Jossette did an outstanding job and deserves a pat on the back!!

4)Nurse Jossette was really kind and attentive to my needs. As I walked around I was able to see that she is this way with everyone and I thought about how lucky I was.

5) Jossette has been exceptional in my care and recovery. Her dedication to other patients has made my stay better. Thank you.

6) She was amazing attentive, super informative, friendly and made me feel very comfortable and lowered the stress that comes with an unexpected trip to the hospital while on vacation. I work in the healthcare community and from my experience, I would rate them as superior nurses deserving the recognition of her work.