Josie Cappellino

Josie Cappellino, RN

Special Care Nursery
DMC - Harper University/Hutzel Women's Hospital
Detroit, Michigan
United States

For Josie Capellino: I just wanted to let you know I spoke with the mother of a little girl born a few weeks ago who died in the nursery due to semilobar holoprosencephaly. You cared for her and her daughter and she spoke incredibly highly of you. She said she just loves you and that she was incredibly thankful for the memory box and could really tell that you cared. She wants to bring by a gift for you and even asked if there was a limit to how much money she could spend because you affected her life so. I did tell her that I was sure that any gift she gave would touch you deeply regardless of the cost and recommended something small and simple, but also that I would tell you that she is thinking of you and that might be gift enough. She wrote down your name because she wants you to be able to meet her next child when one day she decides to get pregnant again.

She is doing incredibly well and I am touched by the strength that her family has shown.
Know that you made somebody smile on a day full of tears and that you are being remembered warmly and fondly. You do good work and deserve recognition.