Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith, RN

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
The Children's Hospital at Memorial University Medical Center
Savannah, Georgia
United States

Joshua Smith’s Nomination: With compassion we heal, teach and discover is our mission statement here at Memorial. Josh applies this statement to everything he does. With compassion he teaches new grads, orients new nurses to the unit and serves as a mentor. He is full of knowledge; however, even more importantly he is full of patience. He makes sure to sit down and explain not only how things are done, but why. He will look up disease processes and illnesses to make sure whoever he is orienting is aware why physicians are ordering certain test or treating the patient with the medications they are. He wants his students to get a full understanding of what, when, why and how things are done. The new grads, new nurses and students he teaches are better because of the time he spends with each of them and the care he puts into teaching them as well as taking care of the patients. His patients love him. He is fun and caring, but also knows when a sense of urgency is needed. He is great with other staff members and physician partners. He is the epitome of a team player, always willing to go the extra step to make sure our patients receive the best possible care with the best possible outcomes. For his dedication to the children’s hospital, the patients, and the future of nursing, I believe Josh deserves this quarter’s DAISY Award.