Joshua Breiding

Josh Breiding

Joshua Breiding, RN

Emergency Department
UPMC Hamot
Erie, Pennsylvania
United States
Josh held everything together, and his extraordinary care made all the difference in the world to us.

My youngest daughter, W, was in a serious car accident. This was her first experience with a traumatic emergency and she was extremely panicked, very bloody and quite injured.

From the moment we entered W's room, Josh made her feel assured that she was in exceptional care. He exuded a confidence in his skills and experience that is hard to put into words. He was so natural and well-versed in his profession that we could feel the calmness and authority he brought to the room. It was as if he would say: "I got this, W is in the best care and she is going to be just fine!" The room was filled with his calm, confident and compassionate energy.

As he performed his duties, it was apparent that he was exceptional. In his quiet manner, he expressed genuine concern and care for W and calmed all our fears. As he hooked up her IV, assisted the doctors and transported her to her tests he was very gentle, talked quietly and with authentic interest in her to keep her from being frightened, assured her that she was going to be well taken care of, and that there was nothing to be afraid of, as if he were a parent himself. W had a forehead full of glass and he gently cleaned her and cared for her and explained everything to me with an understanding of the anxiety a parent is experiencing when their child is hurt so badly.

As I watched him move about the room, he was always right on top of everything. While the tests were done, he was also caring for other patients in the Emergency Room and I observed him gently caring for others as we waited for W’s return.

Some may say, that this is his job and duties, but I have never experienced such authentic compassion and gentleness in such a stressful situation. Josh went well above and beyond "what he was there for". He held everything together, and his extraordinary care made all the difference in the world to us.

His strong demeanor and very real concern for W still warms my heart and such a traumatic experience for W something that is still with us to this day, while she continues to heal.

As an extra note, all of W's clothes didn't make through the emergency and he found a paper outfit for her to wear home. She still wears them as pajamas and talks about how nice he was!