Jose Espinosa

Jose Espinosa

Jose Espinosa, LVN

Arlington Campus Mental Health
Riverside County Regional Medical Center
Moreno Valley, California
United States

1) Jose is one of the most outstanding nurses you have on your staff. Jose took time out of his day (which I know was very busy) to speak with me about issues I was going through, my reason for being in ITF, and really listened to me, to what I had to say, letting me spill it all out without ever interrupting me or leaving. He truly made me feel like he cared and helped me want to come to terms with my mental health issues so I could go home mentally healthy again. I can't thank Jose enough for really caring about me and I just wanted to let you know how wonderful he is.

2) I just want to acknowledge Nurse Jose for his Presence, Pride, Partnering and Passion attributes. I was really feeling bad one morning but Jose's commitment to me and other patients really made my day. He had compassion for me through some really hard times I was having in my life. He is very upbeat and professional. I think he should be commended for his hard work and effort. Thank you Jose.

3) Jose goes to the distance to bring great self esteem to all the people on the unit, he is fair and has great character. He earns this award every day that he works and I want you to know that.

4) I nominate Jose because he really cares about my feelings and that of others and motivates us to dance and do our exercises.

5) He is a very good man, he is helpful and caring and talks to me politely.

6) Jose has great communication skills and he takes pride in everything that he does.

7) Jose loves what he does, he is fun and funny, he knows how to handle a group in a nice way.

8) Cowboy Jose reminds me of Kid rock, he is the best this side of the Mississippi. He deserves this award everyday for his concern and dedication. He is the greatest person, we all love him.