Jose Badillo
November 2017
Aber 5 North
Texas Children’s Hospital
United States




I am a physician in the Canter Center at Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH) and in August I became a mother of a patient on Abercrombie 5 North when my infant son was admitted for viral meningitis. My son was quite ill and I was unable to articulate my concerns to the medical team who was caring for him in an effective way. Jose not only took great care of my son, but he listened to me as a mother was a fantastic patient advocate. He was able to objectively voice his and my concerns to the team and advocate for an intervention, which I wholeheartedly believe was the intervention that made my son “turn the corner” and begin his recovery process.

Each day of our stay, I would wait patiently for the morning change of shift and pray that Jose was on my team. He is a phenomenal nurse and he loves his job and it shows. I was nearly brought to tears as I heard him walking out of the unit at the end of a shift one night and told his colleague “take good care of my baby” which was in reference to my son. He takes ownership of his patients, provides effective and compassionate care, and is a true asset to TCH. I look forward to working with him in a professional capacity in the future and I know that my patients will be in capable and loving hands.


My mom was out of town for several days and I was left alone in the hospital. My nurse Jose made sure I had everything I needed at all times. I was catching a cold one day and Jose took really good care of me. He made some hot green tea for breakfast and dinner. He even offered to go downstairs to buy me some McDonald’s or something. He also made sure I stayed hydrated by bringing me enough water and orange juice. Jose once changed my dressings while I was asleep. Jose also spoke Spanish which made my mom able to communicate with him. I wanted to nominate Jose for a DAISY Award because he’s caring, he’s trustworthy, he’s funny, and he’s attentive and also very friendly.