Jonathon Brandon

Jonathan Brandon

Jonathon Brandon, MSN, RN

Pulmonary Medicine
Mission Hospital
Asheville, North Carolina
United States
Jon was patient, gentle, very thorough and efficient.

Jon was my father-in-law’s day nurse. Almost from the beginning, I sensed a difference and a special grit about Jon. He immediately dove into Pop’s chart and learned where we were in our course of treatment. He took the initiative to get with the doctors in charge and make sure the ball was rolling in our favor. 

During a phase where Pop was confused and much disoriented, Jon saw that he was made as comfortable as possible, and that IV poles, oxygen sensors, nurse call buttons/control, etc. were all placed at the best possible position to be functional and accessible. When Pop got a very dry and crusty tongue Jon saw to it that it was cared for and that he got attention every hour or two since he was NPO at that time.

During the time Jon treated Pop, he handled him with the utmost care and dignity. He was patient, gentle, very thorough and efficient. He followed up on Pop’s complete care and saw the things that needed to get done, got done! He always followed up with us and handled processes in a timely manner. I witnessed him working with a clinical student and there was not one thing that I felt he could have done better or differently in the training process. Your hospital is very blessed to have this young man working with you! 

I also witnessed the very long hours he put in and that speaks highly of his dedication to what seems apparent to be his calling in life. He deserves to be recognized in a special way. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our wonderful experience with this incredible young man.