Jonathan Flint

Jonathan Flint, RN

Medical Unit
Seattle Children's
Seattle, Washington
United States

Jonathan amazed us with his constant exceptional care of my daughter, Lori. He checked in on her regularly, asking, "Is there anything else I can get for you?" He then quickly took care of all her needs, including special ordering her meals.

Within the few days that he's cared for my daughter, he's really gotten to know her and make her feel comfortable enough to joke around with her. Here's an example of him knowing Lori so well: he ordered her new oral medication early since he knew her reluctance and worry about swallowing the larger pills. After she voiced her continued concern and his "pep talk," he offered an incentive. He said he'll wear a "toilet hat" tomorrow morning during discharge if she takes her pills at midnight without complaint. Lori said yes! Yeah Jonathan!

His professionalism, compassion and sense of humor made my daughter's stay for the past 3 days more pleasant.