Jolene Campbell

Jolene Campbell

Jolene Campbell, RN

Providence Alaska Medical Center
Anchorage, Alaska
United States

... As first time parents we were nervous and confused about mandatory monitoring for our baby. Trying to navigate the hospital system on top of preparing for labor seemed overwhelming. Jolene was our nurse for our first NST/AFI/BPP appointment and we felt we learned more in that one visit than in months of preparation and medical appointments.

Over several weeks, Jolene spent time with us during appointments and answered what seemed like a million questions. Even though she was busy with other patients, she was always positive and energetic and provided excellent care. It is evident that Jolene knows her job well, but takes additional time studying as she had facts and figures readily available and answered all of our questions in great detail.

Her skill and expertise in nursing shines through, but it is her practical, personable approach that makes the information easy to understand. Jolene always made us feel calm and safe about having a baby. We were so impressed by her commitment to care for her patients and her expertise in the nursing system.