John Paolo Cordero

John Paolo Cordero, RN

Nursing Care Group, Unit 10 South Staff Nurse
St. Luke's Medical Center Global City
Global City Taguig City, Rizal

My mother was confined thrice in the hospital. Including SLMC Global. She was diagnosed with different health conditions including Dementia. Every time she is being hospitalized, a Risk for Fall is always indicated. She has a history of going out of bed during the night and disoriented in her room. This is the first time an RN like Paolo Cordero made a precautionary measure to avoid the risk. Mr. Cordero was not the admitting nurse this time and I warned the nurses on our previous experiences with my mom going out of bed. No one in our family thought of what Mr. Cordero did and I really appreciate it because it was the first night that I rested well. Mr. Cordero is the only RN who has spoken well to me and did not mind of the time spending with us. He was able to answer all my queries and assisted us in all our needs every time he is our bedside nurse. He was very honest to say when he is unsure of things and not "pa-genius effect". He always responded quickly on the patient's needs. He showed empathy. He did not spend time with my mom just to take the vital signs and meds but also showed some encouragement. My mother who has Dementia remembers Paolo as a very compassionate nurse here in SLMC-Global.