John Chandler

John Chandler

John Chandler, RN, BSN

Rapid Response Team
Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital
Wyandotte, Michigan
United States
Whenever John is called, he is there IMMEDIATELY. Whatever he is asked, he does expeditiously. Whatever the patient needs, he considers his job – John is highly dedicated to nursing excellence.

On Tuesday, John was called to our triage for a rapid response page.  We had a patient that was hemorrhaging and unstable.  John arrived, quick as lightening! He took control of the situation, while still collaborating with our doctors and nurses, respecting our involvement and situational expertise.  He jumped in, quickly drawing the patient’s blood, ensuring IV fluid was running, and assisting to obtain vital signs.  Before doing anything, he quickly educated the patient, speaking directly to her, using her name, even though she was unresponsive.  John advocated for our patient and her safety by facilitating a blood transfusion – even calling blood bank himself to expedite the delivery.

At one point, our patient became nervous about a foley catheter being placed.  John removed his gloves and grabbed her hand, moving to the head of the bed.  He looked directly in her eyes and said, “Here, I’ll hold your hand through it.” Not many nurses would take the time in an emergency situation to make that personal, special connection with a patient to ensure their comfort – He ALWAYS does.

Finally, John went outside of his comfort zone, going above and beyond by running with us into the OR to ensure that the patient was stable during transfer, until anesthesia could take over the patient’s vitals.  He even called our unit later that night to check on the patient.  And personally came over the next day to check on her.

John is, simply put, a very high caliber nurse and person – compassionate, caring, and highly trustworthy.  Although I hate when I “need” him, each time I have called, it has been John responding, and it is a privilege to work with him.  Whenever John is called, he is there IMMEDIATELY.  Whatever he is asked, he does expeditiously.  Whatever the patient needs, he considers his job – John is highly dedicated to nursing excellence. 

It is obvious that he went into nursing for the right reasons, and that he treats every patient he encounters as he would want his own family treated.  John, I cannot thank you enough for all you do. I cannot express to you enough how immensely you are appreciated.  I hope you know how privileged I feel counting you as one of my co-workers.  Every nurse in this hospital should look to you as a role model.