John Cation

John Cation

John Cation, RN, BSN

Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit
UnityPoint Health- Methodist
Peoria, Illinois
United States
John has shown compassion and most important, empathy.

John is a very passionate cardiac nurse who has grown a lot since nursing school. He has a way of connecting with the most stubborn of patients and his patients really enjoy having him provide care for them. He is energetic about retention and recruitment into the nursing profession. Just this week a patient’s daughter stopped by my office and wanted to express how much they appreciated John because he connected with her dad who is a very stubborn man and he got her dad to do things that none of them in the family have been able to get him to do.


John has always been here for my sister since her stay here first began. My sister has been here for over a month already. John has really become a part of my family. My children call him Uncle John and I feel like he has become a big brother to me and my sister. John has shown compassion and most important, empathy. The kindness he has shown to entire family is remarkable. Words cannot begin to express our gratitude for such a wonderful nurse, John. He has really shown that he can put himself into our situation, whether patient or family member and deliver the type of care he himself would want for himself and/or his family member. I would strongly state that John really shows the values of Methodist to deliver the best outcome, every time and because of John our family will have a lifelong relationship with Methodist.