John Butler
March 2018
Cardiac Medical Unit
Freeman Health System
United States




My future daughter-in-law was recently a patient in MCU and it was there that I had the pleasure of meeting her nurse, John. John took on extra shifts so he could ensure the care of my daughter-in-law. For five straight days, I watched his professional, yet caring, calming, and compassionate, demeanor. He was thoughtful and concerned, not only for his patient, but for the family members as well. He worked from 6:45 a.m. to sometimes 9 p.m., day after day. Never once did he complain or lower his attentive work ethic. His soft whistle and sometimes humming was soothing and uplifting. I observed his rapport with his fellow nurses and could see nothing but respect in both directions. As we often see, some people bail when the going gets tough and a situation is uncomfortable, while others rush in without concern for their own needs to help others. John stepped up to the plate and hit it out of the park! It was Christmas and he could have been home spending time with family, but he put the needs of others first.

Freeman is lucky to have good staff members, but blessed to have such an outstanding role model and employee as John. I work in a very fast paced and hectic environment myself, and I was astonished by his extraordinary attention to detail and follow up. It was a guarantee that when he said he would check on something, get something, or do something, it was going to get done. I appreciate all nursing and health care providers who work hard every day, but I truly believe in honoring those who go far above and beyond the call of duty. John is nothing less than a hero and words alone cannot express our appreciation and admiration for his actions.


John went above and beyond every second he was my nurse. Not only did he catch a shift in vital signs that could have been a real issue, he did all the little things to make himself stand out. For example, every time he would answer my call light he would address me by name. Little things like that make John one of the best nurses around. I can never thank John enough for the care he gave me. But I will use the things he did to make myself a better nurse and a better person. John, thank you for being an outstanding nurse!