Johanna Berry

Johanna Berry

Johanna Berry, BSN, HNB-BC

EP Lab
Trinity Health of New England - St. Francis Hospital & Medical Center
Hartford, Connecticut
United States
Johanna exemplifies what it means to be kind, caring, and compassionate.

Compassion literally means "suffer together".  Compassion is about caring for others and behaving towards them with affection.  Most of the time nurses think about compassion when it comes to our patients but compassion and understanding are also a gift we give to the families of the patient and also our colleagues.  Nursing is fast-paced and hectic and needs to be mindful of each other's feelings.  Johanna exemplifies what it means to be kind, caring, and compassionate.  Johanna has a smile on her face at all times which helps the patients and families feel safe and comfortable prior to procedures.  Johanna has a way of explaining the procedure and post-op care in a clear, concise way for patients and families to understand and feel safe and secure.  Families at this time are scared and they feel helpless and she has a comforting manner that eases their conscience. 

Johanna also has this same attitude when it comes to the physicians and her co-workers.  Johanna looks to help both when in charge of the unit or even when she is a part of the team.  When in charge, she makes sure that the flow of the lab is smooth and that the staff's needs are met.  She will step in and relieve staff for lunches and breaks so that our care model of nurses taking care of each other is met.  Johanna has concern for all those whose paths she crosses. 

Johanna also takes her compassion outside the hospital in her everyday life.  Johanna is licensed to perform Reiki on her clients, she has a healing touch that she brings both in Trinity Health and outside.  The EP Lab department is blessed to have her on our staff. She is a perfect example of living our core values.