Joel Joseph

Joel Joseph

Joel Joseph, RN

Martin Health System
Stuart, Florida
United States
We are very blessed and so grateful to Mr. Joseph for being part of this journey and for taking such good care of us.

My husband was admitted through the ER for congestive heart failure. What started out to be a very stressful and frightening experience soon turned out to be less of a trauma once we were on 5East and the nurse for my husband, Joel Joseph, introduced himself.  He was truly a professional and very knowledgeable. Add to that a very calming, respectful presence; if you could bottle all that up for all nurses, we are sure the hospital ratings would exceed all expectations.

Exaggeration? Absolutely NOT. My husband has had two open-heart operations, two hip replacements, gall bladder, carotid artery, not to mention being in the hospital for pneumonia. So, visits to hospitals are no new rodeo for us and this nurse exceeded all other nurses we have been in contact with.

Even after Mr. Joseph had several days off and returned to duty assigned to someone else, he still stopped in, during the remained of our time there, when he got to work, and always came by at the end of his shift. While we were in his care, he always referred to us as Mr. and Mrs.; when leaving the room he never forgot to ask if we needed anything.

With my husband’s condition, diuretics being a large amount of his medication, and after 55 years of marriage, I stayed to assist my husband with the results of the diuretics.  Mr. Joseph said that that was his responsibility and I didn’t need to do it and thanked me continuously for the assistance.

All the other nurses were very good on 5East, but this young man really impressed my husband and me and we just wanted to somehow show our gratitude.

As an addendum to this hospital visit, five days after being discharged, we were back in the ER but this time on to ICU- and to our surprise, guess who showed up to let us know he was there if we needed anything and to let us know the staff of nurses were very good and would take care of us until we're back on 5East. Not just one time did he appear, but every day when he has been at work.

Now the above performance as a representative of this hospital and representative of one of the most regarded professions needs to be recognized. We are very blessed and so grateful to Mr. Joseph for being part of this journey and for taking such good care of us.

Thank you, Mr. Joel Joseph, for being so caring, kind, compassionate, attentive and professional. Your family of nurses should be very proud of you- we are.