Jody Hudgins Gayle

Jody Hudgins

Jody Hudgins Gayle, RN, BSN, WON

Enterstomal Therapy
Riverside Walter Reed Hospital
Gloucester, Virginia
United States

Jody saved my mother-in-law's life. Her family was aware that she had a growth on her back...for many years. She refused to even discuss this growth with her family.

Through knowledge, compassion, and kindness Jody informed my mother-in-law the importance of early detection and medical intervention. My mother-in-law agreed to seek medical treatment and have the growth removed. Jody followed her care day by day and even went to surgery with her. My mother-in-law truly feels Jody was an angel and gave her a "new start".

Jody went above and beyond her duty as a nurse. Her compassion and dedication are truly apparent.