Jodie Brugoto

Jodie Brugoto, RN

Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center
Sheboygan, Wisconsin
United States

A recent patient called to say, “Jodie Brugoto is the best nurse I have ever had in all my years of coming to Memorial.”

“I was critically ill with viral and myocobacterium pneumonia, in ICU many days. Jodie was the one nurse who was comforting, calm, and had the most wonderful bedside manner. She made me feel comfortable, she didn’t lie about how much things would hurt, she was always right on the ball. You are blessed here at ASMMC to have a nurse like that. I was very scared throughout this ordeal, because I nearly died. Jodie wouldn’t just say things would “hurt a little.” She told it like it was. She would say, “This is Potassium, and it’s going to hurt.” And it did. She was conscientious – I could always trust that when she said she would do something, she did it. She helped me to not be embarrassed to use the bedpan on the ICU bed. Jodie was a professional and her bedside manner was impeccable. She would always explain why things had to be done.”

“I have young children at home, and I am so thankful for her care, since this was a serious illness. I could tell from the look on her face that she really cared. Jodie should be recognized as an outstanding nurse!”