Jodi Mueller

Jodi Mueller

Jodi Mueller, BSN, RN

Unit 8B
UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
United States
On nights where Jodi isn't even his direct nurse, she makes sure she stops in to say hi and check in on both of them.

I am nominating Jodi for the DAISY Award for many reasons. Jodi is an outstanding, honest, and one of the most caring pediatric nurses I have met in my several years of being here at Children's. Jodi truly exemplifies what it means to be a nurse. She does whatever it takes to build strong relationships with her patients and families: working an extra shift, sometimes two, almost every week just to be there with the kiddos she loves the most. From bringing in decorations and treats for her patients, trying her best to empathize and advocate for our autistic patients, to holding and snuggling her parentless NICU babies all night long, Jodi truly does go above and beyond to make her job mean something more.

Just this past month, Jodi has shown so much compassion and dedication to one particular patient, his siblings, and his mom. The patient was supposed to be discharged before the holiday. Mom had the car packed and ready to go. However, his condition deteriorated and he had to stay another month in the hospital. Being what is supposed to be a joyous time of year spent with family at home, he was now spending the holiday in his hospital room, four hours away from home. With the help of his mom, Jodi ensured that every nurse on our unit participated, went above and beyond, and never repeated a scene for his nightly elf on the shelf.  She even included his sister in the elf scene!

Not only has Jodi eased the stay for this patient, but she also created terrific rapport with his mom. Having an entire family on the other side of the state, Mom had to make a few trips home to get the rest of the family packed and to Pittsburgh. Knowing that Jodi was going to be his nurse the night Mom was making the trip home, both Mom and the patient were put to ease knowing he would be in fabulous hands as he spent the night alone. On nights where Jodi isn't even his direct nurse, she makes sure she stops in to say hi and check in on both of them, spending time talking about their days and his health progress.

This patient isn't the first, and won't be the last patient, on whom Jodi demonstrates her phenomenal personal skills and nursing expertise. She truly is one of a kind, and I am so happy she is putting her biggest passion into action every day at work. Our patients and families are so lucky to have someone like her!!!