Jodi Burany

Jodi Burany

Jodi Burany, BSN, RN

Rapid Response Team
Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin - Froedtert Hospital
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
United States

Recently, I received a call from the future son-in-law of a patient, “Jack”, that became acutely ill on Rehab on the day before. During this hospitalization, Jack had surgery for a fractured hip and was receiving physical therapy on the Rehab unit.

On Sunday his temperature increased to 103.2. His incision became reopened and swollen. His blood pressure started to drop. An RRT was called and Jodi Burany responded. Jack’s daughter and future son-in-law (both of whom are MDs) were at his bedside and witnessed Jodi in action. The critical care MD was notified and a transfer to the ICU was requested due to sepsis. The MD did not want to admit Jack to the ICU. The family witnessed Jodi be a patient advocate and stated she “was nothing but professional”. She was persistent and successful.

The family stated “Jodi saved our father’s life” several times during our conversation.